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The worlds favorite Engraver/CNC vector clipart Collection!

Bee-Line clipart is 100% Engraver/CNC ready

All images are CNC, Router or Engraver ready! The Bee-Line professional clipart collection is the undisputed and unchallenged leader in "CNC ready" clipart!

Our royalty free Bee-Line clipart products will work with almost all design and production programs including: CorelDraw, FlexiSign from Amiable, Signlab from Cadlink, Inspire or Casmate from Scanvec, Graphix Advantage from Gerber, Croma Foam Cutters, Sign Wizard from Aries and many more programs.

Something you should know about clipart:
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What does "CNC/Router/Engraver ready" mean?

The "CNC/Router/Engraver ready" clipart will cost you more, but there is a reason for that. Clipart designed primarily for printing and desktop publishing, such as the CorelDraw clipart, contains many overlapping lines, open shapes, excessive control points and nodes. Many of their shapes and objects are created by overlapping different layers of objects to create the final image.

True "CNC/Router/Engraver ready" clipart contains no overlapping lines, open objects, or excessive control points which will send your cutter into a tailspin! All "CNC/Router/Engraver ready" clipart images are 100% vector images. These images can be edited to change the design to suit your needs, add colors, etc. Vector images are scaleable, up or down, with no loss of design quality.


See the samples below of a truck with snow plough for a visual explanation of the difference in clipart.

The drawing below shows the "Regular clipart" sample in "filled" view and on the right in "no fills" or "wire frame" view. Note that there are overlapping cut lines on this picture.

The drawing below shows the "CNC/Router/Engraver ready" sample in "filled" view on the left and the "no fills" or "wire frame" view on the right. Note that there are NO overlapping cut lines on the CNC ready clipart.


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If you own a Graphtec, Roland, Anagraph, Ioline, Vytec, Technoarts, Sprint, Embosstrack, Summasign, Summacut, Summachrome, Gerber Edge, Color Camm, Fargo printer, Summachrome, Durachrome, Allen Datagraph, 4B, router, laser cutter, large format printer, Aixia foam cutter or any other types of cutter, you will be very pleased with the results.

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