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Something you should know about clipart for computer sign/POP making or other commercial oriented applications.

Many people ask us "Why should I buy clipart from the Mad Dog selection instead of the clipart available with desktop publishing programs, such as CorelDRAW?" and "Your clipart packages cost more than the packages I can buy off the shelf at Comp USA, Circuit City or my local computer store!" Read on, there are good reasons to buy "CNC ready" clipart!

The "CNC/Vinyl Ready" clipart will cost you more, but there is a reason for that. Clipart designed primarily for printing and desktop publishing, such as the CorelDraw clipart, contains many overlapping lines, open shapes, excessive control points and nodes. Many of their shapes and objects are created by overlapping different layers of objects to create the final image. see sample

True "CNC Ready" clipart created by our professional artist contains no overlapping lines, open objects, or excessive control points which will send your cutter into a tailspin! All "CNC Ready" clipart images are 100% vector images. These images can be edited to change the design to suit your needs, add colors, etc. Vector images are scaleable, up or down, with no loss of design quality.

Value of Clipart

Although many customers want to have their signage or artwork as inexpensive as possible, quality clipart such as our clipart created by professional artists will "up sell" your jobs without really incurring any extra work. By showing a customer a sample of their original idea and then showing another sample with some professional clipart on it, the customer will usually convince themselves that the sample with the professional clipart, although it does cost more, looks much better!

By having ready to use clipart available, you can easily use it on the spot without having to scan or digitize the art. Being able to offer clipart as an "impulse item" will increase your profits and profitability! In addition to offering the clipart to your customers, by having samples of professional clipart and corporate logos displayed in your showroom you create instant recognition and credibility with old and new customers alike.

Remember, your customer does not necessarily know (or have to know) that you're using ready-made clipart!


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