Welcome to Beeline Clipart

Welcome to BeeLineClipart.com
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We are cleaning our warehouse and need to clear out all Beeline clipart stock left on our shelves.  These are all new Beeline CDs! (Single CD or bundles) You can buy them at very deep discounts but we only have a small amount of stock so don't wait to long!
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About the Professional Beeline images

The Bee-Line black and white & Color vector clipart collection are the most unique, original hand drawn and useable professional collection available today! The clipart collections contains many vector based images that are ready to use for a wide variety applications with the professionals user in mind.

Every black & white Bee-Line image is a original hand drawn image by professional artist that has been drawn, vectorized (line-art style) and saved to disk in Adobe Illustrator 88 format. Each clipart image is completely editable and scalable to any size or dimension. The line-art/vector design allows for unlimited scaling without any loss of clarity or detail.

BeeLine hand drawn clipart on BeelineClipart.comThe Bee-Line artist have hand drawn serious or cartoon style clipart. Need Christmas, Halloween, Sports or Mascot-type clipart images? The Bee-Line collection has the product for you! Check out our Bee-Line Artist Edition for unique, original professional black & White vector clipart.

At Mad Dog Graphix we only sell professional clipart that can be used in many applications that make use of digital clipart. Our collection of vector based clipart is designed especially for the trade! So you will not find any of our products in any retail outlet!

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The value of professional created Clipart?
Many people ask us "Why should I buy clipart from the BeeLineClipart.com collection instead of the clipart available with desktop publishing programs, such as CorelDRAW?"

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Bee-Line, ready for a variety of industries & applications

Beeline vector based background clipart / BeelineClipart.comSample pages with ideas:
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Sign makers Use the images that are 100% vinyl ready in your design and plotting programs for perfect vinyl cutting and weeding. The concept of Bee-line was started as a supply to fill the need of sign makers around the world.

Silk screeners Either fill in color and output separations or send the black & white image direct to film to create perfect screens. Non-overlapping, vectorized images allow for perfect output every time.

Commercial Printers Use the black & white or colored images direct to print or output. Edit or modify the designs to perfectly match your customers design need.
Graphic communications
Epson 9500 Large format printerEnhance or emphasize any project or detail.

Engravers Ideal for devices that uses vector based images This product is "engraver ready" as it is fully vectorized without overlapping paths.

Foam cutters This product is Hot wire foam cutter ready "foam cut ready", with vectorized, non-overlapping design components.

Routers, Waterjet & other CNC devices
Bee-line images are created using vector lines with no overlapping lines! These vector images will import and work with your machinery without any problems.

Beeline clipart sampleWeb designers
Nice clean and crisp artwork that can be used in your Flash applications or web design programs. Be different! Use professional designed vector based clipart not found on retail shelves and generally not available to the regular public

Embroidery work The vectorized images allow for easy stitch fill-in using your favorite digitizing program. Quickly complete stitching designs and move on to the next project sooner.

What is the different between vector or raster images?

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